International Bowl Betting

International Bowl betting is spreading the college football betting landscape like a fungus.

While many people in the college football betting crowd have never heard of the International Bowl odds its reputation is growing quickly. Started in 2007 the International Bowl betting will soon is one of the more talked about bowl wagering opportunities in sports.

International Bowl betting has several factors going in its favor and there is plenty of reason to believe that the International Bowl odds could be the next big thing. One of the best things going for the International Bowl betting is the fact that it’s got a prime location on the calendar. The International Bowl odds competition is held on January 2nd which is a day that was made for watching college football. There is little else going on at this time of the year and nothing goes better with a hang over than International Bowl betting.

2009 will be the third edition of the International Bowl betting and this year should, by all accounts be the best one ever. While that may not seem to be saying all that much considering there has only been two other chances to try your hand at International Bowl betting, the fact is that the International Bowl betting is well positioned to flourish. Held in Toronto, Canada the International Bowl betting is aptly named. In fact the International Bowl betting competition is currently the only bowl game that is played outside of the US. And since Canada also shares a rich heritage of football, it only makes since that the International Bowl betting game be held in one of Canada’s finest cities.

And while the International Bowl betting may seem like a very fresh and new 21st century type of thing, the International Bowl betting has actually been around for quite a while. In fact, the current International Bowl betting game is Toronto is not the first such game. Not by a long shot. The first edition of the International Bowl betting was actually held in 1935. And the location of the first International Bowl betting was held in Havana, Cuba, not Canada.

Because of obvious difficulties the International Bowl betting is no longer held in Cuba. But Havana would seem to be a fantastic spot for the International Bowl betting. Toronto is also ideal, because the game is played in a dome. But perhaps one day the International Bowl betting will return to an open-air surroundings, and perhaps even return to Cuba.

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