Insight Bowl Betting

Insight bowl betting bowl fans are accustomed to great competition and as one of the higher regarded bowls in college football betting that’s what they’ve gotten over the years.

With all the new college football betting opportunities popping up recently it’s created a situation where the cream has risen to the top and the Insight Bowl odds have routinely proven to be a well worthwhile endeavor. As this year’s edition of the Insight Bowl betting looms, you can be sure that experienced bowl bettors will all be searching the media for these odds.

Insight Bowl betting is neither the oldest nor the most well-known betting experience around, but it is nonetheless a great blend of competition and talent. Nowadays it seems anyone with enough cash and a stadium can host a college bowl and this development has generally lowered the competition and quality of college bowl betting –but no so in the case of the Insight Bowl odds. There are still a handful of well-established bowl games that don’t have to sell out the naming rights and settle on a couple of 6-5 teams to play in some god forsaken locale and the Insight Bowl betting is certainly one of them.

Established in 1989 the Insight Bowl betting has been a fine example of what college bowl betting should be. Entering its twentieth edition this year in 2008, December 31 will be a huge day in the history of the Insight Bowl odds. No doubt there will be some sort of commemorative activity at half-time of the game, which will only be a bonus for Insight Bowl betting fans.

But it’s the on the field action that has made the Insight Bowl betting such a sought after activity and it will remain that way in this year’s 2008 Insight Bowl odds as well. With two fantastic affiliated conferences, the Big 10 and the Big 12 there, the best way to describe the Insight Bowl betting might be ‘Big’.

The number six ranked team from both of these conferences have already committed to the Insight Bowl betting this year and that promises to be an awfully compelling match up. However, judging by the way the season has unfolded thus far in both conferences the smart money in the Insight Bowl betting is on the Big 12 team. The Big 12 has been arguably the best conference in the country and the Big 10 has had a down year, which means that Insight Bowl betting fans should take note.

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