Independence Bowl Odds at SBG Globa

Independence Bowl odds fans can rejoice this season. On December 28th when the 32nd annual Independence Bowl betting gets underway, two of the top teams in college football betting will take the field.

And while the Independence Bowl odds won’t quite be the BCS title game, the game will still feature two BCS quality teams and it is sure to be one of the better college football betting bowl match ups this year.

 Independence Bowl odds makers are salivating at the chance to handicap this game as it will feature teams from the top two conferences in college football betting: the SEC and the Big 12. These two conferences are so dominant that there really isn’t even any other conference in the discussion and this should ensure one of the most competitive Independence Bowl betting match ups ever. Even the middle of the road teams in these conferences are ranked in the top 25 and the top five ranked teams in football come exclusively from these two conferences. That’s means it’s all but guaranteed that the Independence Bowl odds will feature top teams.

In recent years the competitiveness of the Independence Bowl odds has been brought into question by some college football betting fans. But any doubts should be erased this year as the Independence Bowl betting should feature at least one ranked team; possibly two. The assignation of the teams has yet to made and the conference placing of the teams that will be sent to the Independence Bowl odds has yet to be determined but the odds are certainly in favor of getting at least one ranked team in the Independence Bowl betting.

The Independence Bowl odds have often been considered second tier by many football fans, and compared to the BCS games they are. But this year, depending on which teams it’s allocated, the Independence Bowl odds could be the most important of the non-BCS bowl games.

Last year’s match up of Alabama and Colorado was hardly a stellar affair and hardcore Independence Bowl odds fans will be happy to get some top rated teams in the lineup instead. It’s been a while since there have been any really compelling match ups in the Independence Bowl odds, and fans would have to think all the way back to 2002 when Eli Manning and Ole Miss played Nebraska. And after seven years, it’s about time to start making some and memorable Independence Bowl odds memories in this year’s match up.

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