Deion Sanders and Colorado Confront Reality Check

Deion Sanders and Colorado Confront Reality Check

Following a sellout for its 2023 spring game, Colorado played before a much smaller crowd in 2024. The dramatic change is indicative of the Deion Sanders media mania and hype machine. Colorado fans see the College Football Betting future and that it doesn’t work. At the beginning, Deion Sanders loudly warned all that he would lead a college football revolution as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. In his first team meeting, he warned the Colorado players to hit the road as he was “bringing his luggage, and it’s Louis (Vuitton).”

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Deion Sanders and Colorado Face Mounting Skepticism

With his outrageous Sports betting antics and mouth, the Deion Sanders era began. Indeed, he pushed away most of the roster he inherited. But what Sanders brought in has been outed to be a cheap, faux version of Louis. His luggage has been exposed as not durable and hasn’t held up with the everyday wear and tear of college football. It is torn, tattered, and starting to shred.

Initially, most of the media fed into the radical transformation of the Colorado roster, seen as a revolutionary approach to roster building. Following one year, Sanders’s tactics have reminded everyone that football is the ultimate sport of substance and a game without shortcuts.

Coach Prime’s roster was roughly 80% comprised of players from the transfer portal. However, many of those players are gone. And fewer replacements will fill spots. In the 15-day College Football Betting Spring Transfer Portal window, 23 players have departed. Meanwhile, Sanders’s adamant refusal to take part in traditional recruiting has put Colorado’s future in peril. As a result, the sycophant media has finally been forced to admit that the players are bailing from a sinking ship and that they were wrong to promote it.

When a prospect joins the Colorado Buffaloes, it does not take long for him to realize what he has gotten himself into. Indeed, Colorado football is all about the family business. Sanders & Sons incessantly promote themselves more than the actual football program. Coach Prime refuses to get off his soft, luxurious chair to make any home visits. And when the first 2024 spring football team meeting was held, he excused sons Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders for a Paris trip to promote Louis Vuitton.

If Sanders wanted to turn over a football culture, he could not have done a better job. Locker rooms notice such antics. Especially from the starting quarterback, and resentment builds when the quarterback jets off to Paris for a high-end modeling gig while everyone else is getting ready for spring football.

What is most bewildering about this is that Sanders has spent most of his life in a football culture. Thus, he should know better, but he doesn’t care. Consider that defining moment was the ultimate of many wake-up calls for the rest of the players. Colorado players are nothing more than hired help for the Sanders & Sons family business. Correlate that takes priority over the concept of building a serious, winning football team.

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