College Football Betting Systems for Bowl Games

College football betting systems are interesting to consider each year with so many bowl games on the board.

Some systems have had a lot of success in NCAA football betting in recent seasons and are worth a look for the next few weeks. Here are a few systems to consider as you bet bowl games in December and January.

College football betting systems for December Bowl games start with underdogs that are getting a touchdown or more. Since 1983 this college football betting system has hit over 67%. The teams that qualify this year in NCAA football betting are SMU, Wyoming, Boston College, Stanford and Kentucky. It is also possible that Texas A&M could qualify in this college football betting system.

Another college football betting system involves looking at the popular Sagarin ratings and the strength of schedule. You simply take underdogs in college football betting who are rated higher in the Sagarin ratings in regards to strength of schedule. This system has hit 66% since 1997. There are a lot of plays in this NCAA football betting system. They are Colorado State, Southern Miss, Miami, NC State, Maryland, Air Force, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

If you want a college football betting system for January bowl games then you may want to consider playing totals. You can play the total of any bowl game where one team is favored by a field goal or more under the total if the total is 50 or higher. This NCAA football betting system is hitting 71% since 1995. This season you would play Ohio State and Oregon under in college football betting, Northwestern and Auburn under, South Florida and Northern Illinois under, South Carolina and Connecticut under, East Carolina and Arkansas under, Texas Tech and Michigan State under, Boise State and TCU under and Georgia Tech and Iowa under.

If you really want to keep it simple in college football betting just take the underdogs. They are hitting 57% against the college football betting line since 1997 although those numbers have slipped the last two years.

Normally college football betting systems for bowls can go up and down from year to year. It used to be that underdogs were always the way to go but last year they were about .500 against the NCAA football betting odds and two years ago it was favorites doing very well.

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