Conferences Matter in College Football Betting

College football betting gives you a lot of different conferences to consider. From the SEC to the MAC, there are a lot of teams to consider in the various conferences.

What should you remember about conferences when making a college football bet?

College football betting is very popular on the SEC.  There are two reasons for this.  First, the conference is the best in all of college football, and second they have 12 teams.  The SEC has a lot of quality football teams in college football betting led by Florida and Alabama.  You can easily throw LSU and Georgia into that mix as well when making a college football bet.  You don’t go too far down the college football betting list either with teams like Auburn, Mississippi and Arkansas.  Even the worst teams in the conference, Mississippi State and Kentucky get respect in college football betting.

The Big 12 tries to say that they are on equal footing with the SEC but the reality is they are not.  The Big 12 does have Oklahoma and Texas though and that means they get a lot of attention in college football betting.  Even teams like Missouri, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech get attention from gamblers making a college football bet.

After the top two conferences in online betting, things drop off a bit.  Those making a college football bet see that the ACC and Big 10 have some power teams but overall the conferences are simply not as strong as the SEC or Big 12.  Ohio State gets a lot of attention on college football betting and other teams like Michigan and Penn State have big names but they don’t matchup with SEC teams as recent bowl games have proven.  The ACC isn’t any better as Florida State and Miami of Florida have seen better days in online sports betting.

The Pac-10 gets attention from college football betting gamblers because of USC. The Big East is overrated but they still get attention in college football betting.  The Mountain West is getting more attention in college football betting with teams like Utah, BYU and TCU in the mix every year.  The other conferences are well down the list with college football betting gamblers.  Teams in Conference USA, the MAC, WAC, Independent, and Sun Belt conferences don’t get much attention from gamblers making a college football bet other than Notre Dame.

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