College Football Betting Outflow of Players

College football betting is particularly exciting, in part, because each team’s roster changes so dramatically between one NCAA football betting season and the next.

At the end of each college football betting year hundreds of players will either graduate from school or leave the NCAA to join the NFL. The loss of these players will naturally have severe impacts on their teams so it is very important for college football betting analysts to consider just how detrimental each loss will be.

College football betting is somewhat defined by the constant turnstile of players passing through the league. NFL bettors know that certain players, like Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Terrell Owens, will be playing elite football and impacting matchups for over a decade. However, in college football a player can only participate for a maximum of four years and many of the elite players leave college early in order to join the NFL. The fresh influx of talent that emerges every year keeps NCAA football betting interesting and entertaining. However, this feature of college football betting also creates certain challenges, and annually adapting to the loss of players that each team experiences is one of these challenges.

In order for college football betting fans to most accurately assess how detrimental the loss of any given player will be, college football betting fans first need to look at the impact the player has had. To look at a player’s impact one should consider only NCAA football betting matchups from the most previous season, because games in other college football betting seasons will not provide a sufficiently precise picture of the given player’s current abilities. However, assessing a player’s value involves far more than examining his stats. Some players can accumulate excellent statistics simply due to the quality of their teammates, while other players struggle to look good on paper because their teammates are lousy. Therefore, college football betting analysts must consider the strength of a player’s team when evaluating the abilities of the player. Next, college football betting enthusiasts must assess how well a team can compensate for the loss of a player. This college football betting analysis is really identical to the NCAA football betting analysis that must be done when a player is injured. Even when a certain player is one of the best in the NCAA, if his team has another elite player to replace the first player then it is doubtful the team will suffer much as a result of the player’s departure. On the other hand, if a mediocre player leaves and his team has no competent replacement then the team may subsequently offer far less college football betting value, even though the departing player was not especially talented.

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