College Football Betting – Did You Forget about Boston College?

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

How is this for a shocker in college football betting? Boston College has been among the top 15 teams in college football in winning percentage the past ten years.

Do you think of Boston College when you bet on college football?  I didn’t think so.

College football betting odds rarely give the Boston College Eagles much respect.  Gamblers don’t think much of Boston College either. They would rather bet on Florida, Texas, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma and other marquee schools before risking money on BC.

The Eagles don’t even get much respect in their own conference of the ACC as people think of Clemson, Miami and Georgia Tech before they think of Boston College.

BC Exceeds Expectations:  The Eagles are almost always picked as a middle of the road ACC team before the season starts.  Every single year they do better than people expect. They have been first or second in the ACC Atlantic Division in every year since 2005.

How is that for consistency? No, the Eagles have not been in a BCS bowl game recently but they sure do win games and that is what matters to gamblers who look at the odds each week.

Defense:  Why is Boston College a perennial overachiever?  The answer is defense.  The Eagles always have very good defense.  They have been a top 15 defense against the run in four of the past five years.  Defense wins you games in college football and the Eagles always have a good one.

Schedule:  Boston College has an easy schedule this season. They have a decent chance to win 10 games this season.  Do you think of BC as a ten win team?  I doubt it. Let’s look at their schedule.  BC will win their first two games against Weber State and Kent State.

They then have two tough home games vs. Virginia Tech and Notre Dame.  They go to North Carolina State and Florida State before hosting Maryland and Clemson. Road games at Wake Forest and Duke are winnable while the last two games vs. Virginia and Syracuse are also easy.

If Boston College can pull off a couple of upsets they could go 10-2. Would that get your attention as you bet on college football this season?

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