2006 College Football Betting Pointspread Winners and Losers

The 2006 college football betting season was an exciting one with Florida winning the National Championship. The Gators were not the best pointspread team for college football betting fans though.

That honor went to Central Michigan who was 11-2 against the NCAA college football betting number in 2006.  Let’s look at the top teams against the college football betting line from the 2006 college football betting season

In college football betting there is no better guide to start with a thorough evaluation of the head coach.  While it is not the only factor to consider nearly all other factors relate to the head coach and no factor is MORE important than the head coach.

There are many good college football betting head coaches but they are incomplete.  Some, such as Illinois ‘ Ron Zook, and Texas ‘ Mack Brown are highly regarded recruiters that perennially land blue chip prospects (as Zook was known to do while at Florida).  In the case of Zook, however, his actual coaching was weak and thus his Florida teams, while talented, lost many close college football betting games, often to less talented teams, because they were undisciplined and disorganized.

Other coaches are not the greatest recruiters but run solid programs in college football betting that coach players “up” such as Iowa State’s Dan McCarney and Fresno State’s Pat Hill.  These two coaches run such detailed programs that their teams often are able to upset more talented teams despite their talent disparity in college football betting.

Some coaches are phenomenal strategists that come up with excellent play calling such as Randy Walker at Northwestern.  Walker’s team is not the most talented but he is often a virtual maestro at play calling and keeps far superior teams off balance with his magic in college football betting games.

And then there are the eccentric coaches that go their own way such as Mike Leach of Texas Tech, who will throw the ball without hesitation or apology for 60 minutes regardless of the score in the college football betting game.

The crème of the crop, the “complete” college football coaches combine at excelling at all facets of what the job demands.  Mack Brown proved in the 2005 college football betting season that he was, indeed, a complete championship coach and not just a top-notch recruiter.  His rival Bob Stoops at Oklahoma has the Sooners contending year in and year out.  Jim Tressel of Ohio State is another college headman that excels at all aspects of what his job demands, as does Pete Carroll of USC.

A coach such as Lloyd Carr of Michigan is someone to be leery of. Carr’s teams the past few college football betting seasons, while talented, have underachieved and seemed to have lacked polish, discipline, and modern offensive strategy skills.  Carr has been continually out coached by Tressel, and others that he has come up against have bettered him the past few college football betting seasons.  Yet, because Michigan has such a stellar reputation as a traditional power, they are often a poor value on the betting boards particularly with their slippage under Carr.

Steve Spurrier of South Carolina is a definite impact coach, who wins big and quickly wherever he goes.  Perhaps his greatest coaching accomplishment was winning an ACC title at Duke, a feat that, looking back, must be considered a miracle in college football betting!  Spurrier, however, with his reputation, also attracts a lot of ignorant “public” money and thus a college football betting fan must be careful about “stepping out” too far with “The Old Ball Coach’s” teams.

It is also important to take note of -college football betting- head coaches on the hot seat, as they will often panic with staff changes and take away stability that often made their programs strong.  They will often reflect panic or desperation to their players, who will often play poorly as a result.  Entering 2006 college football betting season you can start with Phillip Fulmer of Tennessee and Larry Coker of Miami as coaches who are sitting on very hot seats and have made staff changes after sub par 2005 college football betting campaigns.

Let’s not forget the “legends” category of coaches, which includes Joe Paterno of Penn State and Bobby Bowden of Florida State who both always seem to come up big just when you write them off.  It is dangerous to “step out” against these Hall of Famers.

College football coaches backgrounds, records, and situations should be studied carefully by college football betting gamblers looking for an edge as the coaches are the best indicator of a program’s true stature, ability, and future.  After all, the players on the field are ultimately picked and schooled by the headman.

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