Wide Variety of 2019 College Football Futures Betting Picks

Wide Variety of 2019 College Football Futures Betting Picks

At the onset of College Football Futures Betting Alabama and Clemson were favorites.  No surprise there.  The Crimson Tide and Tigers have alternated as champions the past four years.  Further, they have met in three of the last four national championship games.  Clemson’s 44-16-win last January sparked massive changes at Alabama. While Alabama and Clemson are the public’s top choices better values may be elsewhere.

It’s called FUTURES, Not Past, Wagering

Extending the current landscape of College Football Futures Betting is an old truism.  Regardless of sport most gamblers bet futures based on the past.  Successful teams from the previous season are consistently favored the following year.  It follows that most of the time betting on futures based on the past is a bankroll buster.  Particularly in college football with its rapidly increasing roster turnover.

Transfer Portals and Early Departures for NFL

Now this ain’t your father’s college football.  Not by a long shot.   In fact, the Offshore Bookmaker dynamics of today couldn’t be fathomed just a decade ago.  Increasingly the NCAA has become terrified of negative media.  Criticism about player freedom, compensation, and archaic rules have dominated the conversation.  In turn this has made the NCAA reactive and operating on the run.  Players are now transferring from program to program like never before.  Top players depart for NFL riches.  The guy that stays at the same school to play for four or five years is now a dinosaur.

Adapt or Die

The revolving door of rosters and coaches has radically changed College Football Futures Betting dynamics.  Keeping up with it all is a full-time job. But with these changes comes the potential of opportunity.  For handicappers that dig deeper they can find hidden gems beyond what the masses wager on.  In fact, those who adapt to the dynamics of today stand the best chance of making profits.  In the same way the average gambler betting on name brand champions of the past is doomed.  Change is too rapid in today’s game.  Teams can change overnight.  Sometimes several times in a year!

Other Top College Football Futures Betting Alternatives

On this occasion Clemson is at 9/4 and Alabama at 5/2 for the 2019 National Championship.  Next is 2017 runner up Georgia at 8/1 with Ohio State at 9/1.  Following that at 16/1 are Oklahoma and Michigan.  Texas could be an appealing choice at 25/1.  From there is LSU at 28/1 and Texas A&M at 30/1.  Notre Dame and Washington are 35/1 picks.

Texas Tea

Granted, Texas has had a long period of underachieving since 2010.  In January of that year they were trounced 37-21 by Alabama in the national championship game.  However, third year coach Tom Herman seems to have the Longhorns on the cusp of a new era of glory.  Texas has the advantage of playing in the depleted Big 12 Conference.  Oklahoma is their only true equal.  As a result, this could leave the door open for the Horns if they can win the conference title.

Ohio State Bucking Odds?

Of great concern is the coaching transition at Ohio State. Urban Meyer has “retired” again.  At least until the USC job opens.  Ryan Day has massive shoes to fill. And just a miniscule drop in edge can prove to be costly.  With Meyer the Buckeyes always had the edge.  Day is untested as a head coach of a monster program.  Ohio State looks like the biggest potential overlay on the board.

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