College Football Betting – Tulsa vs. Ball State at GMAC Bowl

College football betting fans should savor this year’s edition of the GMAC Bowl betting as it could very well be the very last time that they have this college football odds opportunity.

With the auto industry in shambles it’s not likely that the GMAC Bowl odds will continue with GMAC sponsoring the event, or any college football betting event for that matter. And so, in what could very well be the last GMAC Bowl betting event in college football betting history, Tulsa will take on Ball State in what should be a very interesting affair.

College football betting records for both teams entering the GMAC Bowl odds competition are a strong influence in the college football odds. Tulsa, 10-3, was the best in the Conference USA college football odds competition and Ball State tore through the MAC college football betting competition with a 12-1 record, just missing the perfect season.

On paper this is a very even college football odds match up and a tough call to make. The early college football betting lines make the Bowling Green Cardinals 4½ point favorites. That seems to be the smart play considering that the Cards have been ranked in the college football polls for much of the year, but college football betting fans shouldn’t rule out the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa, even if they do have crazy mascot.

Tulsa is a very dangerous team in the college football betting competition because of their offense. This is a team that has pasted a mind-boggling 81 TDs on the scoreboard. And what’s so devastating about the Tulsa team for potential college football betting opponents is the fact that the team is so efficient with the ball in its hands. Led by QB David Johnson this attack is as balanced a team as you’ll find in college football betting, throwing for 300 yards a game and running for 250 yards a game. Johnson is the second highest rated passer in college football betting and has 43 TDs, 11 of those to favorite receiver Tarrion Adams. But the team has about 50 wide receivers on the roster and it seems all them have caught TDs this season.

Ball State may have the better ranking and is favored in the college football betting lines, but it also has weak defense and Tulsa will exploit that all the way to the upset win in the college football odds. Bet on Tulsa to win this game.

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