College Football Betting on Totals

College football betting enthusiasts generally focus their NCAA football betting on sides and possibly money lines.

However, college football betting on totals can often provide excellent opportunities for wagers with lots of value. One key to successful NCAA football betting on totals is looking for the huge blowouts that can provide easy wins.

College football betting fans know that blowouts occur every week of the NCAA football betting season. In the NCAA it is not uncommon to see a team win by more than 40 points and such games frequently provide the best opportunities for college football betting on totals. Obviously, if you are going to be NCAA football betting on the total for a game that looks to be a blowout then you normally want to wager on the over. If one team is scoring several dozen more points than the other, then it is almost a given that a huge number of total points will be scored in the college football betting matchup so the point total will probably go over the total established in the NCAA football betting lines. Predicting which college football betting matchups will be blowouts is therefore key to this college football betting strategy, but the huge disparity between different teams in the NCAA reduces the difficulty in making such predictions. Furthermore, looking for blowouts is not the only strategy for college football betting on totals, as some college football betting fans use the exact opposite strategy and look for games that seem to be extremely low-scoring. Identifying these games typically involves looking for very capable defenses and teams that favor a running game that milks the clock.

When college football betting on totals some gamblers like to use teasers. Even though college football betting with teasers naturally necessitates picking numerous games, the benefit of teaser points can make certain totals far more appealing. For instance, if you have identified a game that you predict will be a blowout and then use a teaser to decrease the college football betting total by about seven points then you obviously increase your chances of winning that play significantly. Also, as you look for college football betting value in the totals lines, whether to bet teasers or normal straight bets, there are a few factors that you should always consider. For example, the weather can have a major impact on a college football betting matchup and can either help or hurt different teams’ offenses and defenses. Additionally, you should always pay attention to which teams are playing at home, as some college teams thrive at home and can put up huge numbers, despite struggling tremendously on the road.

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