College Football Betting Rivalry Games

There are factors in college football betting lines during rivalry week. You have emotions that are not a factor in other weeks in college football.

College football betting can be very exciting throughout the season, especially on rivalry games. There is nothing better than seeing the traditional rivalries as you bet on college football each Saturday. College football betting is great every month of the season but November is probably the best month for rivalry games. There will be rivalry games during other months but November really gets the good ones in college football betting. The official “Rivalry Weekend” actually is usually the last two or three weeks of the regular season schedule. It is there that we get the great games like Ohio State/Michigan, USC/UCLA, Texas/Texas A&M, Florida/Florida State, Auburn/Alabama, etc. You also get some of the other ones in college football betting like BYU/Utah, Missouri/Kansas, Washington/Washington State, Cal/Stanford, etc.

With rivalry games you really have to focus on factors beyond the basic statistical matchups in college football betting. You will see inferior teams play much harder during a rivalry game than they might otherwise play. You will notice as you bet on college football that even the weaker teams are able to pull themselves up a little bit when they are playing their big rival.

There are other factors to consider when looking at the college football betting lines during rivalry week. You have the coaching factor where a coach may be playing to save his job. In some rivalries in college football betting all that matters is beating the other team. What you did during the rest of the season is less important. You can look at games in college football betting like Georgia/Auburn, Michigan/Ohio State, etc. as games where it is of vital importance to beat your rival. Sometimes a coach can do very little right except beat the rival and keep his job, or a coach can do everything right but lose to the rival. These are things to keep in mind when looking at the college football betting line.

There are many people that bet on college football and see opportunity for profit. That also applies during rivalry games if you know what to look for in college football betting and if you keep some of the intangible factors in mind.

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