Post Season College Football Betting

The college football betting post season has grown from simply a few traditional New Year’s Day bowl games to now include college football betting conference championship games.

A multitude of minor bowls, the major bowls, the Bowl Championship Series, and then finally the National Championship football betting game itself.

The college football betting conference championships started with the SEC in the early 1990’s and since then has expanded to include most conferences. Many times in the college football betting conference championship game the teams involved may have already met in the regular football betting season, which gives both an indicator of the merits of the two teams but also a potential revenge factor if the football betting game was close or controversial.

College football betting fans have often learned the hard way to be careful in these games which have included such monumental upsets as Texas over Nebraska in 1996, Texas A&M over Kansas State in 1998, and last year when Central Florida lost at home to Tulsa, just to name a few.

The minor college football betting bowls include many games with teams from the mid major conferences such as the Mid American Conference, Conference USA, and the Western Athletic Conference. While the general public may scoff at or ignore these leagues sharp college football betting fans realize that there are some solid programs that come out of these conferences and that do quite well in bowls, sometimes against BCS league schools.

Often times football betting teams from these leagues catch a BCS league team that had a poor season and is not excited about playing in a minor bowl while the mid major team is excited and motivated at the double shot of a bowl game and playing against a big time school. Many times these dogs bite the big boys and casual college football betting fans hard.

The traditional college football betting big bowls draw mostly teams from the BCS schools and one must again pay attention to the respective motivations of the two teams, as well as how the closed their seasons. Many times teams that are regularly in BCS bowl games look down upon anything else and will catch a highly motivated college football betting team that is glad to be where they are.

The BCS bowls and college football betting championship game feature America’s best teams and draws the most gambling action. It is important to not think in step with the general football betting public when these games are played with so much ignorant money.

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