Profitable Teasers in College Football Betting

The college football betting season begins in just a couple of weeks and that means teasers will get some play from gamblers who bet on college football.

Popular teams like Ohio State and Florida will be on teasers as gamblers like to take those big numbers down by a touchdown or so.

College football betting odds give gamblers a lot of choices for teasers.  For example, Ohio State is laying 29 points in their opener against Marshall but on a teaser that number can be played down to 22 or 23 points. It is easier for a team like the Buckeyes to cover when they are not laying more than four touchdowns.

Teasers in college football are not as popular as the ones in the NFL but that does not mean they don’t have their place.  The TV games get a lot of teaser action as do the Top 10 teams.  It is not unusual to see a teaser with Ohio State, Alabama and Florida on it.  Each of those teams is laying big numbers in their opening game.  A teaser makes covering the spread a little bit easier.  The most popular teasers are three and four-team teasers.  The odds on a teaser get more favorable as you bet on college football when you add more teams.  It is obviously tougher to hit a teaser with more teams on it but the payoffs are better.

College football begins on Thursday, September 2nd with a few games on the board.  Let’s lay out what would be a popular teaser.  South Carolina is hosting Southern Mississippi in the ESPN game and they are laying 14 points.  You could take them on a 7-point teaser and get that number down to 7 points.  Ohio State is laying 29 points to Marshall so they would be laying just 22 points on the teaser.  USC is on ESPN 2 in the late game at Hawaii and they are laying 19 points.  A seven point teaser would get that number down to 12 points.  That three-team teaser is a good example of what a bettor will do with popular teams.

What bettors sometimes forget with teasers is that they can also tease underdogs and totals.  The favorites are always the teams that bettors will tease but sometimes underdogs can be a more profitable way to go.

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