College Football Betting Parlay Choices at SBG Global

College football betting gamblers understand that parlays are where you tie multiple teams together into one bet.

You can even have two college football betting selections on the same game if you choose the side and total.  You can put as many teams on your parlay as you like, but the difficulty increases as you add teams to your college football wagering parlay.

College football betting parlay options are many and you don’t have to limit your parlay to just sides, you can include totals. Many people will do this on high profile games like Monday Night Football or other TV games. The college football betting player will parlay the side with the total and have action for the game. The payoff on a two team parlay is approximately 2.6 to 1.

You will also find two different types of college football betting parlays available to you. There are the normal off the board parlays in college football wagering and parlay cards. The college football betting parlay card actually started in Las Vegas, but some offshore sportsbooks offer them as well. They are not as common now because at an online sportsbook you can easily place a multiple team parlay just by selecting the teams; you don’t need a parlay card to do it.

The term “off the board” came about when players would choose teams from the college football betting board and put them together instead of filling out a parlay card. With online sportsbooks the college football betting parlay card really became a dinosaur except in Las Vegas where you will still see them in existence.

As you look at college football betting parlay options you should know that it is tough to pick one winner let alone many. The more teams you add on your college football betting parlay the better the payoff but the more difficult it becomes to hit in college football wagering. Parlays definitely offer you great returns but they are a sportsbook’s best friend because they are difficult to win. If you are a college football betting parlay gambler you are better off keeping the amount of your teams at 4 or less, preferably three. It is hard to parlays when you are asking more than four teams to win in college football wagering.

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