College Football Betting –Oklahoma State vs. Oregon at Pacific Life Holiday Bowl

College football betting on Pacific Life Holiday Bowl odds is one of the more anticipated match ups of the year.

With the introduction of the BCS series college football odds bowl games, its luster has worn slightly, but there’s no doubting that the Pacific Life holiday Bowl betting is still one of the biggest in the college football odds. This year two marquee teams will go head to head in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl betting in what could be the most entertaining match up of the college football betting post season.

College football betting in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl odds will feature Oklahoma State University and the University of Oregon, both big name teams. Neither team is the best in the county or even in their college football odds conference, but both are very good and very entertaining. These two teams play in two of the toughest conferences in college football betting (the Big 12 and the Pac 10) and this college football odds match up should offer fans a chance to see which conference is really better.

Oklahoma State played a veritable Murderer’s Row in its Big 12 college football betting schedule and no doubt has the advantage in these college football odds as a result. The Cowboys had the displeasure of playing Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech this college football betting season. It lost all three games, but then again, everyone lost these teams this year. The Oklahoma State Offense revolves around QB Zac Robinson and his go-to receiver Dez Bryant, two of the best in college football betting. Bryant has 1300 yards on the year and an impressive 18 TDs against some of the best teams in college football betting. Robinson has been overshadowed by the other big name QBs in the Big 12 but he’d start for almost any college football betting program in the nation as his 178 pass rating attests.

Oregon must keep pace in the scoring and that shouldn’t be a problem considering the Cowboys defense gives up almost 400 yards per college football betting match up. The Ducks defense is also its weakness and college football betting fans should expect a very high scoring game, 100 points combined wouldn’t be unreasonable.

The Cowboys are favored in the early college football betting odds by 3½ points. Look for the Cowboys to win by at least that margin.

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