College Football Betting – Notre Dame’s Schedule is Easier

College football betting on Notre Dame is going to see them favored more often than in the past. The reason for this is Notre Dame’s schedule.

It is simply easier than it has been in past college football betting online seasons. College football betting at the sports book has the Irish opening up the 2009 season against Nevada.  Notre Dame is a 14-point college football betting online favorite in that game.  The team also has easy games against Washington and Washington State. 

Stanford and Connecticut are not world beaters either.  It used to be that Notre Dame had a tough college football betting schedule but no longer.  The team had the toughest schedule three times in the 1980’s and once in the 1990’s.  Even in 2003 and 2004 the Notre Dame schedule was rated as being one of the ten toughest in the country in college football betting.

The 2009 college football betting season has Notre Dame beginning a system that calls for them to have seven home games, four away games and a game at a neutral stadium that counts as a home game.  While Notre Dame has said that they the schedule format is the reason the school is getting away from scheduling tougher teams, the reality is that Notre Dame can’t be in the national title picture with a tough schedule because they simply aren’t good enough.  Notre Dame will have a tough enough time beating USC let alone having to beat USC and two or three other top teams in college football betting.

College football betting tells us that Notre Dame is an independent which means they don’t have a conference schedule. They do play certain teams in college football betting every year though.  They face USC, Michigan State, Navy and Purdue each college football betting season.  They also usually face Michigan, Pittsburgh and Stanford on a regular basis.  Since Notre Dame is part of the Big East in other sports, they usually play at least a few teams from the Big East every year. This season in college football betting at the sportsbook it is Pittsburgh and Connecticut.  Next year though the only Big East team is Pittsburgh.  Syracuse gets on the schedule in 2014.

Notre Dame will have a tough enough time in college football betting at the sportsbook with their current schedule. The game against Nevada is not going to be a sure win as many in college football betting online expect.  Notre Dame is simply not good enough to run over teams anymore in college football betting online at the sports book so their schedule is easier.

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