College Football Betting Money at SBG Global

If you want to win money in college football betting you must manage your college football gambling bankroll money during each segment.

College football betting can be done more successfully if you manage your money properly. If you do nothing else this college football gambling season, learn more about money management. The gambler that is an expert at managing his bankroll will do far better at college football betting than the football expert with no money management expertise or skills.

College football betting money management begins before Saturday even begins. The college football gambling weekend starts with a feature college game on Thursday. On Saturday there are groups of games on the college football betting odds board that go into four basic segments; morning, early afternoon, late afternoon/early evening, and evening.

Let’s say that you enter the weekend of action with a college football gambling bankroll of $1000. What you want to do is expose the college football betting bankroll to the least amount of risk and also avoid losing it all in one bad day. Since the Thursday and/or Friday night segments are just one game each, you should allocate $20 to $50 per night on those games in college football betting. Also keep in mind that you do not have to play those games at all in college football betting.

On Saturday, due to having around 50-60 games to choose from in college football betting you could allocate $600 of the bankroll, broken into $150 for the four segments on that day. Such a bankroll breakdown will keep you out of trouble and in action versus college football betting lines all weekend.

In addition to setting up a bankroll you must decide how much of that bankroll to risk on each game. Many people decide in college football betting to risk a percentage of their bankroll on each game. The percentages range from 1% or less to 10% or more in college football. Obviously 10% of your bankroll on one game puts you at great risk. Keeping the percentages smaller is a much safer way to manage your bankroll.

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