College Football Betting – Miami vs. California at Emerald Bowl

College football betting fans are not used to seeing the University of Miami’s Hurricanes listed as an underdog in the odds for a college football odds bowl game.

But in the 2009 Emerald Bowl odds the Hurricanes are currently a six point underdog in most of the college football betting lines that have been released. The Emerald Bowl betting lines are likely to shift a bit before kickoff but there is no denying that the shine on the ‘Canes illustrious past has been tarnished and that most college football odds makers expect the Golden Bears of California to take it to the young Hurricanes.

College football betting history is filled with top teams that have enjoyed all kinds of college football odds prominence, but over the past three decades there are very few, if any college football team that has dominated the way that the University of Miami has. But that’s old news to most college football betting fans and anyone that has seen the ‘Canes play lately has little to brag about in the college football betting world.

But the invite to the Emerald Bowl odds match up is a big step up for this young squad. And the word young is perhaps the understatement of the year when it comes to the ‘Canes and College football betting. There is perhaps no other team in all of college football betting that will be starting as many freshman as the Hurricanes will start in the Emerald Bowl betting. In fact, almost every key player on team is a freshman and almost every key position is either filled by a freshman or a freshman rotates in at the spot.

And it’s this youth and inexperience that has been both a boon and a plague for the ‘Canes in this college football betting season. Inconsistent play has cost them several wins in the college football odds, but spectacular plays by the team’s young playmakers have also won them just as many college football betting match ups.

Cal is having a mediocre season at best and has been in and out of the top 25, same as the Canes. But most college football betting experts are expecting the Golden Bears to take the victory in this match up. The game itself will be played in the Cal’s back yard, a huge college football betting advantage. Also, the ‘Canes fans do not travel well and it will essentially be a home game for Bears.

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