College Football Betting –Memphis vs. South Florida at St. Petersburg Bowl

College football betting fans have seen bowl games sprout up like mushrooms over the past few seasons and the St. Petersburg Bowl betting match up is one of the newest in the college football odds.

But for true college football betting fans there’s no such thing as too many top college football odds bowl games and the St. Petersburg Bowl odds are a welcome development. Held in a dome in Tampa, FL the indoor bit might irk some college football betting purists, but nonetheless, it’s another chance to bet on football and the St. Petersburg Bowl betting should be as good you’ll find.

College football betting fans will be in for treat this season as this year’s college football betting match up in the St Pete Bowl will feature the Tigers of the University of Memphis versus the South Florida Bulls.

South Florida is suffering a huge let down this college football betting season. After rising to the top of the polls last year this team was a pre-season favorite to crack the top ten again, but it’s had very a mediocre season, at best. Still, it’s done enough in the Big East to get a bid to this bowl.

Memphis has quietly been a building a steady foundation and will play in yet another college football betting bowl. But they should be crushed by the Bulls, who are practically playing a home game and play in a much better college football betting conference.

The second edition of the St. Petersburg Bowl odds should be even better than the inaugural edition last college football betting season. And while the St. Pete Bowl may not have the heritage or the longevity of other major bowl games, what it does have is anonymity. That may not sound like much, but when it comes to college football betting that’s actually quite a great thing.

The less people that know about a college football odds match up the better. And since there are no high profile teams playing in the game, there should be a great college football betting opportunity as well. The college football odds on this match up should stay true and the fans should get their money’s worth.

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