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College football wagering action begins in earnest in late August with a few select games.  The full regular season then kicks off in the first weekend of September.  Conference championship games are listed in early December.  Bowl season runs mid-December through early January.  It all climaxes with the national championship game in January.  It is a wagering season unlike any other.  And one that simply is not to be missed.  No other sport offers the fun and anticipation of college football.  Let alone the volume of action.

Make Profits during the Offseason

But gamblers can also get offseason action with futures wagers.  You can bet odds on teams to win the national title.  Or win their conference championship.  Not to mention over under win totals with the college football betting lines.   And no other sport has a greater regular season.  Most sports get serious in the playoffs.  College football is different.  The regular season is a three-month high wire act.  Nearly all games count.  A single loss can spell catastrophe for a team.

Endless Action Opportunities

College Football Saturday is like Christmas morning for three months each autumn.  Action begins each Saturday morning with a multitude of games.  The matchups don’t end until well past midnight.  The opportunities for action are literally endless.  Most Saturday’s feature between 40 to 50 games on the board.  You can bet regular sides and totals.  But also, money line odds as well.  Not to mention first and second half action.  Proposition bets are also a regular feature.  The intensity and raw passion of the sport itself adds spice to the menu.

Saturday is a Special Day

There is nothing on Earth like Saturday action with the college football betting lines.  The sheer volume of gambling choices is a natural draw.  But the sport itself is a huge selling point.  Great teams play in games at all hours of the day.  Each weekend there is at least one stunning result that changes the playoff landscape.  No other sport offers the intensity of traditional rivalries.  Or passionate traveling fan bases.  Historic venues that are decades old are far more authentic than antiseptic NFL stadiums.  This makes for a feel for the game by long time observers.

The Sixth Sense of the Handicapper

There is a sixth sense that is developed by the astute college football handicapper.  This is based on many factors to consider at online sportsbooks.  College football coaches are larger than life.  They command far greater influence than their counterparts in the pro game. Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, Brian Kelly and Jimbo Fisher are among the headliners.  Their teams will reflect their personalities.  That is because coaches in the college game control everything in the program.  From players selected to uniforms to strategy.  These larger than life figures add to the intrigue of a College Football Saturday.

Tradition Brand Powers

College football has its traditional name brand powers that the public flocks too.  Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and USC come to mind.  Oklahoma, Ohio State and Michigan also are marquee teams.  This leads into important value assessments for handicappers.  The college football betting lines often reflect this reality.  The name brand teams often come with an extra price.  This creates another tier of teams.  Programs that are solid to very good but often underrated.  Wisconsin, Michigan State and Stanford often bring extra value.  And at prices that can bring long term profits.

It’s a matter of Emotions

Emotion is an intangible that means far more in college football than in other sports.  Factoring in the feelings of teams often separate winners from losers at the payout window.  The greatness of college football is that you can become a quick study.  Access to information is plentiful and the history of the game is still relevant to now; that’s part of its beauty.

College Football Saturday is not to be missed.  Experience the 12 hour rush of action each week!

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