College Football Betting: How Important are the Rankings at SBG Global

College football betting fans are frequently eager to see the updated polls ranking the top NCAA football teams, which are released weekly throughout the NCAA football betting season.

These rankings provide a concise summary of each team’s past success and many college football betting enthusiasts give lots of weight to each team’s rank when handicapping the NCAA football betting odds. The various college football polls do provide some basic college football betting value, but one should be careful about overestimating their worth.

College football betting matchups involving ranked teams tend to generate the most interest from the NCAA football betting community. Furthermore, the rankings help determine which teams will be competing in bowl matchups at the end of the college football betting season and they also provide a weekly power ranking for fans to debate. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that nearly every college football betting enthusiast pays attention to the rankings and it is basically inevitable that gamblers will be influenced by these rankings when analyzing the college football betting odds. Fortunately, the rankings do provide some basic college football betting insight and are much more valuable than simply looking at a team’s overall record. College football betting fans know that NCAA football is full of upsets, but the reality remains that ranked teams tend to beat their unranked opponents and teams that are ranked more highly than their opponents will win more often than not. Therefore, it is natural and beneficial to acknowledge the college football rankings when handicapping the NCAA football betting board.

Nevertheless, college football rankings can really only provide very minimal college football betting assistance. The rankings are notorious for being influenced by certain biases toward schools with storied programs. Furthermore, the rankings are altered weekly, which illustrates that change is inevitable so one must engage in college football betting by predicting future changes instead of assuming the past will repeat itself. Also, college football rankings focus on which teams are the absolute best, but college football betting is based on covering point spreads, not outright winning. In other words, knowing that one team will likely win a college football betting matchup is only marginally helpful as you handicap the college football betting odds. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider the rankings when handicapping a college football betting matchup, but one should not allow them to play too large of a role in the handicapping process.

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