College Football Betting Good News

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting is extremely popular around the world, probably ranking second only the NFL in popularity although outside of the United States soccer would be king.

Making a college football bet is fun, exciting and it can be profitable if you understand a few things.

College football betting gives you a lot more teams to look at than NFL betting.  That is good news and bad news.  It is good news because you have more games than in NFL betting but it is bad news because you have to do more work.  The sports book takes in a huge amount of money each Saturday on the college football games.  The college football betting point spread is published for all of the games in newspapers and on the Internet.

College football betting presents a few things that the NFL does not. First, college football is played throughout the week with games on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Second, college football betting has a lot more games. Third, you can make a college football bet and look at more teams. College football betting also gives us the opportunity to bet a lot of games on a football Saturday. There may not be anything better than a busy college football Saturday. The NFL has all the hype and popularity but making a college football bet gives you more action.

College football betting for most people starts with the national TV game on Thursday night. Most people like to play the game and it doesn’t matter if they have a strong opinion or not. It is the start of the week and most bettors want to make a college football bet. The best tip to remember about this game in college football betting is to keep the amount small. Everyone loves TV games but it is early in the college football betting week and it is best to start small. Unless ESPN is giving us a game on Friday night we move on to a very busy Saturday.

The best way to look at a busy college football betting Saturday is you’re your top plays. College football Saturdays are very much a daylong war against the sports book.  Sometimes on a busy Saturday you just get a feel one way or the other about the day. If things are really going your way then playing the late games may be a good idea in college football betting. If you are struggling you have two options, play the late games hard or take the rest of the night off.

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