College Football Betting: Finding the Plays You Like at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting enthusiasts enjoy the opportunity to search for value every weekend on a massive NCAA football betting board that includes dozens of different exciting matchups.

The abundance of college football betting matchups naturally makes it easier to find NCAA football betting value. However, the massive college football betting board gamblers face every week actually overwhelms some college football betting fans who struggle to find the best value and place the most intelligent wagers possible.

College football betting fans scanning the board for value should take their time to look for value in every game. Also, there is no reason to restrict one’s college football betting to only sides, as NCAA football betting on totals and money lines can also offer very good opportunities. However, in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the abundance of games on the board, college football betting fans can use a system in which they rate their confidence about betting on each game. For example, by using a scoring system between one and five gamblers can systematically determine which college football betting matchups seem to provide the best value. Also, when analyzing the college football betting board there is no reason to scan from top to bottom looking for value. Rather, it often makes the most sense to look first at the teams with which you are most familiar. By focusing initially on the college football betting matchups you are most comfortable handicapping, you will find that a large NCAA football betting board quickly becomes much more manageable.

Once you have determined which college football betting matchups appear to offer the best betting value the next step is to decide which games you actually want to wager on. If you have used the scoring system described above then you will likely decide that only games scored four or five are worth wagering on. However, each college football betting fan is different and some gamblers will perceive value in virtually every game on the board while others will perceive value in only one or two. Based on which type of gambler you are, you will want to decide how many wagers to place each week. If you are the type of college football betting fan who finds value in lots of lines each week then you will probably want to place numerous wagers while only risking a small portion of your NCAA football betting bankroll on each wager. On the other hand, if you only see value in wagering on two or three plays each week then you can wager a larger portion of your college football betting bankroll on each wager because your overall risk will remain small.

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