College Football Betting Conventional Wisdom at SBG Global

There is simply no college football betting value in following the crowd and the masses in their college football gambling choices.

College football betting conventional wisdom is something that people really don’t understand. Following conventional wisdom in college football gambling is not the way to win money. Let’s look at what is important to remember in college football betting.

College football betting experts are a dime a dozen. With the growth and explosion of information over the Internet, nearly everyone claims they know everything about college football gambling. Yet that has very little to do with winning at college football betting. You can know who the third string tackle of the USC Trojans is, for example, but if you don’t understand the concept of the college football gambling line then what good does that knowledge do you? Between the guy that can name the entire roster and all of the pertinent stats and trends of college football teams and the guy that understands the concept of board value, we’ll go with the latter each and every time in college football betting.

If you believe in the wisdom of conventional “wisdom” you may as well throw money down the toilet and save yourself the trouble of betting college football betting lines. The folly of conventional wisdom is that it is an easy read for the oddsmakers, who set their college football betting lines based on what they know the public is likely to do. And since conventional wisdom is such an easy read that means that there is no board value in it because the price is too high in following the crowd and masses in college football betting.

If, for example, the oddsmakers know that the masses prefer power home favorites over weak and lesser teams, they are going to raise the college football betting lines up to the point in which the power home team, while enjoying a mismatch advantage on the field, will be at a disadvantage on the college football betting boards. To succeed and get value-added odds, you must break away from the pack in college football betting.

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