College Football Betting – Colorado State vs. Fresno State at New Mexico Bowl

College football betting has been overrun lately by bowl games names after states and the New Mexico is one of several taking place in the world of college football odds this season.

For several years the New Mexico Bowl betting competition could have just as easily been named for the University as it dominated the college football betting in this game over the past few years. But this year the New Mexico Bowl odds will be all about Colorado State University and Fresno State as these teams will do battle in this college football betting battle out West.

College football betting fans generally do not list this college football odds match up as must-see bowl competition but the New Mexico Bowl betting should not be overlooked as it’s one of the second-tier college football betting bowl match ups that generally produces some of the best college football betting. Like all the other second tier college football betting bowl match ups the college football odds on this game don’t get drowned out by the popular bets and so remain competitive all the way up to kick off.

This year’s New Mexico Bowl odds match up of the Rams and the Bulldogs should be the best match up in the history of this relatively new college football odds bowl game. Neither team was outstanding this season but both programs have some pedigree that instantly adds credibility to this college football betting match up, perhaps the most competitive line up we’ve ever seen in the New Mexico Bowl game.

The early college football betting lines give the Bulldogs of Fresno State three and a half points. And that seems about right as the Bulldogs have a paper-thin lead over the Rams, having gone 7-5 against the Rams’ 6-6.

However, it wouldn’t be that surprising to see this college football betting line spread even wider before kickoff. It’s also quite likely that at this thin of a college football betting spread, it would be smart bet to pick the Bulldogs to not only win, but cover the college football betting spread.

Truth is, neither of these teams are dynamite and the Bulldogs are even having what many college football odds fans would consider a sub-par year. But Pat Hill-led teams have been to many, many college football betting bowl games, much bigger than the New Mexico Bowl. And all things being equal, that experience should make them an easy winner in this showdown.

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