College Football Betting: Can Oklahoma win it all?

Since 2011, The Sooners have been an exciting team to watch and a recurrent team in college football betting. Oklahoma’s team has shown some interesting progression, materializing on trips to different Bowl games. This year the goal for the Sooners is to reach the National Championship, but can they aspire to it?

Although it might be sounding more like wishful thinking than stone cold facts, it must be acknowledged that the Sooners have the talent and the roster to reach the last game of the season. Their quarterback/Tight-End Blake Bell is on his last year as a Sooner , and he is the first person on the roster stating this bold claim. College Football bets for the Sooners prove that many of the fans agree with Bell.

Putting them as tittle contenders is not a crazy thought. The Sooners had an splendid last season, crowning it with a well deserved win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. This year they seem to have an “easy” schedule. Considering on how they might start the season, college football betting fans will see The Sooners as a team that could ease their way to the top rankings.

Now aiming so high might seem ambitious, considering that a “Championship or Bust” could very well result in a counterproductive pressure for the teams. Considering that despite winning their first 11 games, the Sooners look at last season (a Sugar Bowl winning one, mind you) as a failure. When setting up the season it is important to have the players focused on overachieving and giving 200% of their capabilities. That is why Coach Bob Stoops must be liking his chances if their star player is driven to make it all the way.

It is too soon to guess or make predictions on what position will the  Sooners come in, but this team has contenders written all over them. We can be sure that come the end of the season, they are Bowl bound. And maybe, if they keep healthy and Trevor Knight and Blake Bell combine to put numbers on the board, Bell’s predictions might not be such a  crazy idea.

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