College Football Betting: Assessing Upset Victories at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA College Football Betting

College football betting enthusiasts often live for the upset victories in which huge underdogs not only cover the NCAA football betting lines, but they also win the college football betting matchups outright.

When such college football betting upsets occur the NCAA football betting community takes note and many gamblers immediately believe the Cinderella team may establish itself among the NCAA’s elite. These victories are sometimes followed by that exact course of events, but at least as often the teams lose some subsequent NCAA football betting matchups and fade back into college football betting obscurity.

College football betting fans often react strongly to upset victories because they are so shocking and memorable. When an unheralded team from a small school wins a college football betting matchup against a well-respected foe, it garners national headlines and dominates the NCAA football betting news. College football betting analysts know that huge underdogs will often be able to cover the NCAA football betting odds, but when teams win games that absolutely nobody thought they could win then college football betting fans are deeply impacted. Only talented teams are able to achieve huge upset victories so such wins are sometimes followed by subsequent victories over other strong opponents.

Nevertheless, just because a team has achieved an upset victory, it does not indicate that you should be college football betting on the team for the rest of the NCAA football betting season. Because such teams attract so much immediate college football betting interest their college football betting lines for subsequent matchups can sometimes be inflated, meaning the teams actually offer relatively limited college football betting value. Also, teams are not always consistent from week to week, so one upset victory may not be indicative about how talented a team actually is. Sometimes, especially when a team is playing at home, it can overachieve in a single college football betting matchup and dominate a game. However, such teams may fail to live up to that performance again throughout the rest of the college football betting season. Consequently, before jumping on a team’s bandwagon after an upset victory you must carefully analyze the team’s genuine college football betting potential. If the team has strong fundamentals and excellent players at key positions then it may actually have what it takes to compete with elite teams throughout the college football betting season. On the other hand, if a team earned an upset victory but does not appear to boast a roster talented enough to compete with elite teams then you should be skeptical of the college football betting value the team will offer throughout the remainder of the season.

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