College Football Betting 2009 Strategy

College football betting strategies are seemingly endless in number and also endless in failures.

Let’s see if we can find a few things that can go into a good NCAA football betting strategy.

College football betting strategies should begin with a good money management plan, a solid idea of how you are going to handicap the games, and discipline.  If you fail in any of these areas you are probably going to lose money in NCAA football betting.  It doesn’t sound very easy does it?  Guess what?  It’s not.  College football betting might be the most exciting of all the major sports though.  It presents you with so many games on a Saturday that it causes your heads to spin.  That is very exciting, but it is also very dangerous if you are not careful with your NCAA football betting. 

When you think about a college football betting strategy you need to begin by deciding two things:  how much to bet, and how many games to play.  You can’t just play every game on the board in college football betting.  Well, you can, but it probably won’t work in sports betting. The first thing to concentrate on with your college football betting strategy is to narrow the amount of games you want to bet.  Let’s say for a busy college football betting Saturday that you play 5 games or less.  It is much easier to go 3-2 with 5 games than it is to go 6-4 with 10 games in online betting.  Once you get your games that you want to play down to a manageable number you next want to decide how much to bet in sports betting.  The best way to do this is to play all the games for the same amount in NCAA football betting. 

Now that you have narrowed your focus and decided upon the amount, you want to handicap the games in college football betting.  You may want to focus on going against the popular plays in college football betting. You hear about the plays on the radio, read about them in the newspaper and every tout in the world seems to be on them.  Go against them in college football betting.

If you can narrow your focus, play the same amount on all your games, and go against the public, you have a chance when making a college football bet.  Don’t forget though, that you have to remain disciplined in college football betting.  You can’t go wild and overreact to a losing streak and bet your entire bankroll to get even.  Stay within yourself, bet the same amount, and stay calm when making a college football bet.

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