College Football Betting Totals Consideration at SBG Global

College football betting totals are when gamblers wager on whether a game will go over or under the total set by the oddsmaker.

Totals are not as popular as sides but they definitely can be an interesting college football bet option to consider. College football betting totals are definitely more popular on marquee games.

Some sportsbooks only put up college football betting totals on the big TV games. For example, let’s say that USC is playing UCLA in college football. The total on the game might be 45 which means you can make your college football bet on whether the game goes under or over the total.

Just as is the case when betting sides off of the college football betting board the ultimate goal when betting over/unders is to find the best values on the college football betting board. Value, when it comes to over/under wagering, in college football betting is simply looking for games to bet unders where the number posted is too high, and overs in games on the college football betting schedule where the number posted is too low.

With that in mind, when you see games on the college football betting schedule that look like they will be high scoring games, that does not mean those games will go over the total, even if they are, indeed high scoring. The oddsmakers are fully aware that in such matchups the public will be thinking “over” and will set over/under college football betting numbers extra high in preparation for that consumer demand, which means that there are times when very high scoring games go “under” and the public gets burned because they ignore the value factor when making a college football bet.

The same holds true for games in which a low score is anticipated in college football betting. Due to poor offensive teams, good defensive teams, or foul weather, etc. a game may very well be low scoring and still go over the total because the oddsmakers will set a college football betting line in anticipation of the masses wanting action on the under. When looking at the schedule for over/unders always keep in mind what the public is thinking, and prepare to go the other way when making a college football bet.

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