Clemson and college football betting season at SBG Global

No team in college football betting has raised through the college football betting rankings over the past two years as fast as Clemson has.

Just two years ago Clemson was little more than a middle of the pack ACC team and now it’s universally ranked in the top 10 in every single college football betting poll around. This is a team loaded with top athletes and should really turn some heads once the college football betting season gets underway. The team’s rapid rise in the NCAA football betting polls has hardly gone unnoticed by its conference competitors and it’s even uprooted perennial conference champs as the number one team in the ACC in the preseason NCAA football betting polls.

Not an easy feat to achieve considering that the Hokies are once again ranked among the best teams in college football betting. But in 2008 so too is Clemson ranked among the best in college football betting. The team’s success has much to do with its offense, the most potent in the conference and one of the best in college football betting. In the backfield there is no better tandem according to many NCAA football betting analysts than James Davis and CJ Spiller. Both should pass the 1,000 yard mark this college football betting season and this will make the Clemson offensive attack very tough to stop.

Add to this the top notch play of returning starting QB Cullen Harper who had an outstanding college football betting season last year and this team’s ability to put points on the board is among the best in college football betting. On defense the team is loaded with athletes and boasts one of the best secondaries in college football betting. There is also plenty of very talented athletes up front and newcomer Da’Quan Bowers will be one of the best DE in college football betting by the time his college football betting career is over.

Clemson opens the NCAA football betting action with a Alabama on August 30th which should set the tone for the rest of the college football betting season. The team is lucky in that it won’t face V-Tech or this college football betting season and looks to have a relatively easy schedule which will help in the college football betting voting.

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