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There will be a new QB in the Boston College backfield when the new college football betting season begins, of that you can be sure.

With the loss of Matt Ryan, one of the top BC QBs in college football betting history, the team will have a large hole to fill in the forth coming college football betting season. In fact, the team has gone from one NCAA football betting title contending team to an afterthought in many NCAA football betting odds makers minds.

A team that just a season ago was on the verge of vying for a college football betting national title is now not even among college football betting’s top 25 teams as the NCAA football betting season gets underway. It’s a huge drop in football fortune for the team, more than perhaps any other college football betting team, and it demonstrates just how important Ryan was to this team.

His skill wasn’t lost on the pros either, and his first job after a terrific college football betting career will likely be as the starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons. He was a special talent and reminded many college football betting fans of another great BC college football betting player, Doug Flutie. Most NCAA football betting odds makers do not like the Eagles chances without Ryan. The ACC college football betting competition level will be improved this year with the emergence of Clemson and good teams at Wake Forest and Maryland.

But there is still reason to be optimistic if you’re a BC college football betting fan. Ryan was an important element to the team’s college football betting success last year but perhaps not to such an extent as NCAA football betting experts seem to think. The team still has a very good O-line and a pair of talented receivers in Brandon Robinson and Rich Gunnel. But in a very tough college football betting conference it may not be enough.

Ryan was hardly the only key college football betting player the team lost last season and the departure of RB Andre Callender is also a huge loss in both the running and passing games. And it’s also difficult to say whether the play of the receivers during last college football betting season was due to their own talent or the play of Ryan. Perhaps the best way to look at the upcoming college football betting season for BC is as a rebuilding period in a very competitive college football betting conference.

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