Betting College Football – Texas Tech without Leach will be Different

You may remember Texas Tech as the fastest show on turf and a team that you take over the total when betting college football.

As the saying goes, that was then and this is now.  Mike Leach is no longer the coach at Texas Tech and you will have to take a different view of the Red Raiders when wagering on college football betting online odds in 2010.

Betting college football at Sbggobal begins on Thursday, September 2nd.  Action on Texas Tech begins when they host SMU on Sunday, September 5th.  The Red Raiders will be coached this year by Tommy Tuberville and that means the high scoring offense may be a thing of the past.  It should also mean that the Red Raiders play a little defense.

Texas Tech Should be Better:  There is no question that Mike Leach teams were fun to watch but they never did much.  They only finished in the Top 20 three times in his tenure and they only had one bowl win of note. Tuberville has a great resume as a head coach and he could have more success than Leach did.

Texas Tech offense:  The Texas Tech offense will be led by quarterback Taylor Potts. He won the starting job over Steven Sheffield.  Potts threw for 3,440 yards along with 22 touchdowns as a junior.

The offense will still score a lot of points but they will also run the ball.  Even passing teams need to be able to run the ball and that is something Leach never understood.

Texas Tech defense:  The Red Raiders were terrible on defense under Leach. That is going to change under Tuberville.  He knows how to get a defense ready to play and Tech will not be in nearly as many basketball games this season.

Schedule:  Texas Tech has a favorable schedule. They should get early wins in college football betting online against SMU, New Mexico and Weber State. They don’t have to play Nebraska and they get Missouri at home.

They do have to go to Oklahoma but they get Texas and Oklahoma State at home. Texas Tech should win at least nine games and a bowl game under Tuberville and that would be an improvement over what Mike Leach did.