Betting College Bowl Games at SBG Global

College Bowl Games are the most popular college football games of the year.

There is a great deal of betting interest on the College Bowl Games.  A great deal of that betting interest is focused on the BCS College Bowl Games and the games on New Year’s Day.

College Bowl Games have pointspread sides and totals on each of the games.  That means there are 32 different games to look at and 64 different choices since you can wager on either the side or the total.  The pointspreads for College Bowl Games are put out well in advance of the games and that means bettors have a lot of chances to bet the games and move the lines.  One of the things you want to consider as you bet College Bowl Games is betting the underdog.  Oftentimes the public is going to bet favorites when they bet football.  That also applies to College Bowl Games. The public likes to take the better team, regardless of the pointspread in College Football Bowl Games.  It is human nature to want to wager on the better team and that is usually what the public will do.  The problem with taking the better team in College Bowl Games is two-fold.  You have the problem of laying points in the game which means you must cover the spread to win your bet.

This is not always easy, especially if you are laying more than a TD in College Bowl Games.  The second part of the problem is that you don’t always know who the better team is and if they will be motivated to play.  Just looking at the straight up records of the two teams in the College Bowl Games is not enough.  Usually the two teams will play in different conferences, have played different opponents, and you will not have as much to go on as you might think.

All of this leads us to take the points more often than not when betting College Bowl Games.  You have a couple of advantages to taking the points when betting College Bowl Games.  First, you can lose the game and still cover the pointspread.  That is always a good thing.  Second, you can win the game outright.  Too many times bettors won’t give enough credit to the underdog in College Football Bowl Games.  You must remember that College Bowl Football Games are a one-shot deal and if the underdog is going to cover the spread they will often win the game outright.