BCS Wagering Rankings Unkind to SEC at SBG Global

BCS wagering fans were expecting to see SEC teams dominate the inarguable BCS odds rankings.

But now that the first BCS wagering rankings have been released, it seems as if the SEC’s once unquestioned dominance has been tarnished.  Not that the SEC doesn’t have a commanding presence in the BCS wagering polls, but it’s hardly the dominant team.

BCS wagering fans have seen the Big 12 emerge as the team to beat –at least in the BCS odds.  But has the terrain of college football and the BCS wagering really been altered so drastically in two months of action?  Perhaps yes, perhaps no, but ultimately it’s all but impossible to tell until the BCS wagering bowl season.  There are those that predicted the Big 12 would be the top conference before the season began, but nonetheless most of the BCS odds community expected the SEC to be head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

And most likely it still is, even this isn’t reflected in the first BCS wagering rankings of the year.  With only one team in the top five of the first BCS wagering rankings of the season, some people might think the SEC is under-represented.  But the beauty of the BCS odds season is that it’s only halfway through, and that a lot is going to change in the world of BCS wagering before the end of the year.  And don’t forget, the conference with the most teams in the BCS wagering top five, the Big 12 has played some outstanding football.  And once the team gets into the meat of its conference schedule there are going to be some teams that slip down in the BCS wagering rankings.

The SEC has suffered this year from being too good, perhaps.  The same thing always seems to happen in the BCS wagering rankings as there is likely a half a dozen teams in the conference that are top ten quality and so playing against that type of competition week in and week out will no doubt lead to losses.  Take for example the BCS wagering champion from last year, LSU.  A two-loss team as the BCS wagering champ is almost unheard of, but when you play the likes of Florida, Auburn and Georgia on a regular basis, you’re not going to go undefeated.

And that’s been the great contribution of the BCS wagering system, the fact that it takes in great account the strength of schedule and one loss here or there will not derail a team’s season.

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