BCS Odds versus a Playoff System

BCS odds advocates argue that there is no better system for college football than the BCS college football betting rankings.

Opponents argue that that playoff system is needed and that the BCS odds rankings are simply an imperfect extension of an imperfect system.  This season will be a perfect testing ground to see if the BCS odds system can place the two top teams in the country in the BCS college football betting championship game.

BCS odds makers in years past have a mixed record in this regard.  The biggest complaint against the BCS odds system is that it gives preferential treatment to big schools with a large alumni and fan following over smaller schools with less of football tradition.  The basis for these claims obviously hast to do with money and there’s hardly a BCS odds fan that could argue otherwise.  The BCS college football betting element wants to see the as high as possible ratings for the BCS odds national championship as possible.  That generally means ensuring that big name programs get invited to the BCS college football betting championship game.

If the teams –big name or otherwise- are invited based on merit, there is no problem.  But has been multiple times in the past where BCS odds opponents have felt that teams were invited based on guaranteed revenue creation and reputation alone.  Think of OSU last year.  But short of having a playoff system in place the BCS odds system is the best alternative.

Which brings up a great question: why not do away with the BCS odds system and create a legitimate playoff system like the DI-AA employs?  This is what almost every BCS odds fan wants.  Sadly, this question is again about money and not about football.  But even the argument against a playoff system is absurd.  Pro BCS odds proponents claim that tradition and the bowl system makes college football unique.  To an extent that is true.  But fans would rather see a playoff style format to ensure that the best team won the BCS odds title game, rather than maintain a grossly imperfect system like the BCS odds simply for the sake of tradition. The arguments that a playoff system is simply not feasible at the college level simply do not hold water as DI-AA has been doing it for years.

And until the corporate America’s influence on college football is lessoned, the BCS odds system, while not prefect, is the best we’ve got.

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