BCS Odds on the Trojans Are Very Good

BCS odds makers have no crystal ball to check the future with.

But scheduling down the home stretch of the BCS betting Internet season is the next best thing.  And of all the top rated teams still in the thick of a BCS championship hunt, no team looks to be in a better position, schedule-wise, than the University of Southern California Trojans.

BCS fans are well acquainted with the UCS Trojans as this school is not only a traditional powerhouse in college football producing such greats as OJ Simpson and Marcus Allen, but because they had great recent success in the age of BCS betting Internet sites as well.  There has arguably been no better team over the past decade in BCS odds betting than the Trojans with two national titles to their name, the invites to BCS odds championship games and three Hiesman winners to boot.  And even in the years that the team failed to win the BCS betting Internet title they have consistently finished in the top five.

This year, history will repeat itself as USC looks destined to finish at least in the top five in the BCS odds race, if not better.  In fact, the Trojans look as though they have the easiest path of any team in the BCS odds to the BCS Championship game.  Even though this team debuted in the first BCS odds rankings of the year at the number five spot, it’s just a matter of time before it’s in one of the top two spots and the BCS betting Internet sites are making a favorite to play in the title game.

The reason for this has to do with the team’s schedule.  Granted, this USC team is very good and certainly deserves it’s ranking, but it gets a nod over many of the other top ten teams in the BCS odds for the simple fact that it faces no real challenges in it’s Pac 10 schedule from here on out.  Whereas the four Big 12 teams in the top ten must all play one another in knock-down drag out conference games, the Trojans get to play Pac 10 doormats and smile all the way up the BCS odds ladder.

So long as the Trojans win out the rest of the season, they will all but certainly be a BCS odds favorite for the title game.  The team already has one loss under its belt to the upstart Beavers of Oregon State and this has made them keenly aware of the importance of every BCS odds match up from here on out.  The team can’t afford any mistakes or its BCS odds title hopes will be ruined.  With that type of focus, its talent laden roster and easy schedule look for the Trojans to participants in the BCS odds title game in January.

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