BCS Odds Game of the Year is Texas vs. Texas Tech

BCS odds fans have a feast of games to look forward to this weekend.

BCS betting in week nine features several top match ups including the perennial BCS odds bonanza of Florida versus Georgia. But that game will take a back seat to the most important game of the BCS odds season so far when the Texas Longhorns travel to Lubbock Texas and take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

BCS odds fans familiar with these two teams know what’s in store on Saturday and if the game lives up to the hype it should be one for the ages. Texas enters the game as the top rated team in the BCS odds. And by all accounts the undisputed top team in the country. BCS betting experts have been very impressed with this team and it has very few weaknesses if any.

In contrast the Texas Tech team is riddled with faults, most notably a porous defense which has given up a lot of late scores this season and made for some very close BCS betting calls for the Red Raiders. But the great equalizer is Mike Leach’s ridiculous offense. The Red Raiders offense is so prolific that on many occasions put up more points than the school’s basketball team, not a claim many BCS betting teams can make.

So in this battle of the Republic it will be a very solid, proven team against the wild offense of a BCS odds up-start. This game becomes even more interesting with all the sub-plots that surround it. Most noticeably the fact that the Longhorns are Texas BCS odds royalty and Texas Tech is something of an ugly step sister when it comes to the football crazy state’s hierarchy of BCS betting. And then there’s the recent bad blood between the teams, most noticeably Leach’s post game tirade after losing a close BCS odds match up and blaming it on the officiating –an argument that wasn’t completely without merit.

So when Saturday rolls around there will be plenty of BCS odds fireworks. But all the outside distractions will mean little once the game starts. On paper Texas is better in every BCS odds category except one, and that is the ability to points on the board. And in BCS odds competition, that is the one stat that trumps all others. This Texas BCS odds shoot out should provide plenty of offense fireworks and it’s very possible that the potential BCS betting champion will be the winner of this game.

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