BCS Odds Fans Want to Know Who’s the Best

BCS odds are an up and down art form that change from week to week, game to game, and from one performance to the next.

It is all but impossible to know which the best team in the BCS bowl odds is until after the fact.  But halfway through the season there are several key indicators that shed light onto which is the best team in the BCS odds.

BCS odds makers are already looking ahead to the BCS bowl odds for the Championship game.  While the BCS odds title game won’t go down for several more months it’s never too early to start looking ahead.  Trying to pick which team is the best in the country or which team will be the best in the BCS odds once the season ends is in some ways a crazy thing to do since there is so much time left in the season.   But it’s for that very reason that trying to play the BCS bowl odds right now makes since.  As the BCS title odds game approaches the BCS odds will get flatter and flatter.

So if you’re thinking of taking a shot in the dark and betting the BCS bowl odds this far out remember to take scheduling into consideration.  Late season losses have derailed many a BCS odds dream and no matter how good the team is, a loss in November all but ruins their chances of appearing in the BCS bowl odds.  Another thing to consider is the team’s BCS odds conference.  In order to get an invite to the BCS odds title game a team has to be from a major conference.  This year the focus will be on the SEC, Big 12 and to a lesser extent the Big 10 and the Pac 10.  It’s a given that the two teams in the BCS odds championship game will be from these four conferences.

If you take all these things into consideration there three teams that have a very good shot at playing in the title game and have the best BCS bowl odds: USC, Florida and Oklahoma.  USC will be a shoe-in if Texas loses in the coming weeks.  Florida will be a BSC odds shoe-in if it wins the SEC title game and beats LSU.  And Texas, perhaps the best team in the BCS odds right now has a harder road to hoe as it must go undefeated and win likely four games against top ranked opponents. 

All things being equal Florida, coming from the most difficult conference and having so much speed and athletic talent, looks to be the team with the best shot at winning the national BSC odds title.

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