BCS Odds Fans Losing Faith in the ACC

BCS odds makers have long considered the ACC one of the top conferences in the country.

Considering that the conference is home to such traditional BCS betting odds powers like Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, BC and more, it seems like a BCS odds no-brainer.  But the conference has fallen off the BCS odds map this year and the ACC is struggling to end the season on a high note.

BCS odds makers must almost always consider an ACC team down the stretch when handicapping the BCS betting odds race for the title game; but not this year.  In fact, there is hardly even a team that deserves an outside shot at the BCS odds title game.  With only three teams ranked in the top 25 in the BCS odds rankings there is almost no chance whatsoever that one the ACC’s team’s will be featured in the BCS betting odds title game.  In fact, Ralph Nader has better BCS odds of winning the election and perhaps even playing in the BCS betting odds championship game than an ACC team.

Worse still, of the three ACC teams ranked in the BCS odds top 25, none is ranked higher than 21.  And the teams that are ranked in the top BCS top 25 odds are teams that most BCS odds makers had very small hopes for at the beginning of the year.  Georgia Tech, Florida State and Boston College are the flagship teams of the ACC so far during this BCS odds season.  No one, least of all BCS betting odds makers, had any expectations for these teams this season.

Yet, at the mid-point of the season the hopes of the conference lies with these three teams in the BCS odds.  And what of the ACC teams that were picked to have monster seasons this year in the BCS odds competition?  Well, Clemson, perhaps the poster child for the conferences big disappointments has fallen to 1-3 in the conference and recently lost its coach.  Clemson was ranked in the top in the preseason and expected to have a huge impact on the BCS odds title race this year. 

Virginia Tech, another traditional powerhouse has hit rock bottom and is simply looking to hold onto a .500 season as its BCS odds hopes have been dashed.  Wake Forest was also a favorite to challenge in the BCS odds early on, and picked by most BCS odds makers to win the conference.  This team too has struggled, but still has a shot at winning the ACC, for whatever that’s worth.

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