BCS Odds Could Play into the Hands of Penn State

BCS odds barely even took notice of the Penn State Nittany Lions before the season began.

But after an 8-0 start this team finds itself at the number three spot in the BCS betting Internet rankings and in a prime position to bring Joe Pa his third national BCS odds title.  Aside from one make-or-break game against Ohio State University, the rest of the cat’s schedule is weak at best and the BCS odds are good that this team will be vying for a BCS odds title.

BCS odds makers and fans around the country have been very impressed with what this team has done so far.  BCS betting Internet blogs are flooded with testimonials about how good this team really is.  And in fact, the Nittany Lions could be the best kept secret in the BCS odds even though they’re ranked number two in the land.  The rise of Penn State has been quick and with little fanfare.  No one expected all that much from this team in the BCS odds preseason and has seemingly forgotten about them.

But the Nittany Lions have been deserving of their meteoric rise as they’ve yet to lose a game and have arguably the best stats in the BCS Internet betting competition.  Penn State is well balanced team and is the only team in the BCS odds competition to be ranked in the top ten in both total offense and defense.  The team is also the only team in the BCS odds competition to be ranked in the top ten in both offensive and defensive scoring.  Those are monster credentials and in the BCS odds, numbers tend not to lie.

But there is one major obstacle that lies in front of the Lions and that’s Ohio State.  OSU has disappointed many BCS odds makers in the early going of the season, but since freshman Tyrell Pryor has taken over this Buckeye’s squad is a whole new team.  The Pennsylvania native is one of the best dual-threat QBs in the country and could throw the Lion’s defense for a loop.  Penn State has its work cut out for it in this BCS odds match up, but home field advantage and dreams of a BCS odds title will work greatly in the team’s favor.

And if Penn state does win this game the team is all but assured an invite to the BCS odds championship game.  It will feast on weak opponents for the remainder of season and sit back and watch the Big 12 teams beat each other up for the remainder of the BCS betting Internet schedule.

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