BCS Bowl games

BCS bowl games focus on the National Championship, the Fiesta Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl.

In addition to those five college football BCS games there are 27 other BCS bowl games.

BCS bowl games focus on the top 10 teams in the five major bowls but that leaves 54 other teams.  There are BCS bowl games for every fan of college football.  There are BCS bowl games after New Year’s Day including the National Championship game on January 7th.  There are so many BCS bowl games that many mediocre teams are playing in the postseason.  Teams like UCLA and Nevada that finished 6-6 are in BCS bowl games when they should be staying home.  The good news for college football fans is that there are also intriguing bowl matchups.  LSU vs. Ohio State for the national title should be a good game.  West Virgina vs. Oklahoma has the potential to be an excellent game.  Michigan taking on Florida has the intangible of it being Lloyd Carr’s last game at Michigan.  Other games like Hawaii vs. Georgia and Missouri vs. West Virginia should also be entertaining.  The most exciting bowl game for many years has been the Holiday Bowl. It could be again this season as Arizona State faces Texas.  Even the worst bowl game like Nevada vs. New Mexico could be entertaining and it is on TV so that makes it interesting.

The reason there are so many BCS bowl games is money.  The 64 college football BCS teams will be raking in a total of $245 million from these BCS bowl games.  That is a staggering figure and why the bowls are so popular with college institutions even if they are not popular with the public.  Many fans of college football BCS action would prefer a playoff system similar to what is done in the NFL or in college basketball.  BCS bowl games are definitely great to watch but they don’t always give us a college football BCS National Championship that is undisputed.  A playoff system would accomplish that.  Perhaps someday it will occur but until then, enjoy the 32 BCS bowl games this season.

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