Avoiding College Football Betting Losses

College football betting is successful if you avoid losses. Sometimes in college football wagering it is just as important as it is to pick winners.

College football betting winning percentages improve if we eliminate losses. How do we do that you ask? We start by looking at what losing college football wagering bettors do and do the opposite. We also look at losing wagers and learn from them. Let’s begin by learning from what losers do and avoid their mistakes in college football betting.

If you have been looking at the college football betting line for any length of time you will find that all of your friends have an opinion on the game. In addition to your friends you will find that the media and all the talk shows have their opinions as well. Everyone is running their mouth about one game or another. Losers oftentimes run their mouths the loudest. You don’t want to be betting their games and you don’t want to be acting like them and touting your own games in college football wagering. The louder someone boasts; the less chance their team seems to have to win in college football betting.

One thing about college football betting losers that you want to avoid is their methods, or should we say lack of methods. Many of the college football betting losers have absolutely no plan, no handicapping methods, no money management, and definitely no discipline. The amounts wagered by the typical loser are totally different and have very little logic behind them. The losing players bet on emotions, not on facts. They may win sometimes, but in the long run they will give it all back. The losing college football betting gambler makes his bets based on the obvious. He is an oddsmakers dream because he will always be predictable.

Another problem that college football betting gamblers have is that they are almost always betting short. They have a bankroll that is inadequate for college football betting. They always play over their heads and eventually they lose. You must be different and have the proper bankroll, user the proper handicapping, ignore the obvious and most importantly you must be disciplined.

College football betting losers continue to repeat the same mistakes and they will not learn from them. You must do the opposite of the college football wagering loser if you want to be a winner.

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