3 NCAA Football Teams that Won in the Offseason

December 17th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

Yes, football fans the College football or NCAA FB season is approaching and we would like to give you some preparation for this upcoming 2015 season by reviewing 3 teams that had a winning offseason with the Wolverines of Michigan, the Tigers of Clemson and the Trojans of Southern California.

The fans are already anticipating the season’s kickoff on the 3rd of September 2015, and several teams have accomplished changes to help them reach their goals of getting a bid to the 2015-16 NCAA College Football Playoffs. These three teams during the 2015 offseason made some big changes, so continue reading for the latest to have a better opinion of this coming 2015-15 seasons.

For those that Bet on College football at an Online sportsbook the 1st team to have a good offseason for 2015 was the Wolverines of Michigan who in the offseason made a very publicized move as the hired former 49’ers head coach to lead the Wolverines as head coach starting this 2015 season. His plans are to take this team to title contention ASAP!

Harbaugh as the coach at Stanford led the team to a 12-1 record and a victory in the Orange Bowl, then moved on to the 49’er where he used his talent for revamping teams and took the 49’er to 2 straight NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl. At 51 Harbaugh has made some key changes putting 4-star Texas QB Z. Gentry to run his offense and backing him up with former Houston Cougar QB J. Korn in case Gentry does not pan out.

The Wolverines with Harbaugh at head coach are at +4,000 gambling odds as favorites to win the National Title this 2015-16 seasons, and seek to turn Ann Arbor into a fanatic fan madhouse.

The 2nd team is the Tigers of Clemson who most believed they could not improve, they just did! Their coach who was not happy having 4 straight seasons with 10 plus win, but he was emphatic about keeping up the competition in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

In the offseason they signed on the National Signing Day some 3-5 star players in WR D. Cain, DT C. Wilkins and OT M. Hyatt as well as some 8 4-Star recruits and others, to complete their roster requirements for 2015.

Have complete a very successful signing day the Tiger of Clemson are at +2,200 with one of the better young QB’s in the NCAA in D. Watson who is returning hopefully from a successful operation and repair of his torn ACL.

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The 3rd and final team we think gained in this 2015 offseason is the Trojans of the University of Southern California as their coach S. Sarkisian in the offseason took steps to improve his defensive roster. The Trojans had a great planned recruitment program and attracted 4-5 Star players from a roster of the nation’s best 17-4 Star recruits. They signed 3-5 Star linebackers in J. Houston, J. Junipero and O. Masina, CB I. Marshall and 4-Star OT R. Green

And most are probably thinking that last year’s Holiday Bowl winners only saw their defense improve for 2015, and that’s partly true. Bt remember they return star QB C. Kessler who passed for 39 TD’s on 3,805 and only had 5 interceptions for that season. QB Kessler and standout WR’s J. Smith and A. Jackson waiting to put up some big numbers for the USC Trojans this season.

At present the Trojans are holding steady at +1,600 to win the National Title in 2015.

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