2015 Tigers of Missouri Team Preview

Missouri Tigers PreviewWith the 2015-16 NCAA Football Season just a couple of weeks from now, we continue to preview some of the teams who appear to be looking at winning seasons.

Thus, today we will preview the Tigers of Missouri of the East Division of the South East Conference (SEC). It has only been since 2012 when the Tigers joined the SEC, and as a newcomer many believed the Tigers to be a push over, but to the surprise of many in the 2 years in the conference they have played in 2 straight SEC Title games, and now they are an excepted member of the conference.

Yes, they lost both of the Title games, but to none other than the SEC power teams in the Tigers of Auburn and the Crimson Tide of Alabama, and now coming into this 2015-16 SEC Season the fans of Missouri have a lot to look forward to. So to learn more about the Mizzou Tigers as they are called, just continue reading.

In the past 2 seasons the offensive strategy or bread and butter plays consisted of their running game, as the Tigers had 3 great RB’s that was led by R. Hansbrough who scored 10 TD’s and rushed for over 1.000 yards. Hansbrough returns along with 4 starting OL so don’t be surprised if Mizzou opens their season on the run.

And for the fans of the Tigers of Missouri who Bet on College football at SBG Global online, don’t overlook the great defense of that was 23rd in the USA in defensive ranking in 2014. Fortunately, their defense did not lose many key players, and that means this year opponents will face the defense of the Tigers, who are nicknamed the ‘D-line Zou’ and throughout this season of 2015.

They have 2 defensive lineman who solid on the front lines in H. Brantley and J. Augusta, while the top 2 tacklers in the SEC are LB’s K. Brothers and M. Scherer who combined for some 114 tackles and 124 assists last season. Then don’t forget their secondary, who allowed the opponents to only gaining 6.2 yards per reception in 2014. They have 3 very experienced CB’s in A. Penton, J. Gibson and K. Davis who return this season, and are ready to stop the offense efforts that head to their regions on the field.

The main player for the Tiger of Missouri is QB M. Mauk who had his good days, and bad days in 2014 as he finished the season passing for 25 TD’s on 2,650 yards and was intercepted 13 times. Against Georgia the team was embarrassed as the lost that game 34-0 as Mauk only passed for 98 yards and was intercepted some 4 times. Then in their Bowl game at the Citrus Bowl he passed for 2 TD’s and ran for 1 TD even has he only had 19 pass attempts for some 97 yards and was intercepted twice.

If the Tigers of Missouri are to improve this season they need the junior QB Mauk to play better than average, and move to the above average at QB if they have any hope to making it to the National Title game and reduce their odds, which are presently listed at +10,000 odds to win that Title. Then a possible SEC Title is also questionable.

The prediction for the Tigers of Missouri that they will go over the predicted 8 wins, but will come up short of the East divisions of the very tough SEC Conference.

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