2015 NCAA Football– Aggies of Texas A&M Team Preview

December 11th, 2019 NCAA College Football Betting

With the 2015-16 NCAA Football season just less than 2 weeks before the start up, the fans who Bet on College at the SBG sportsbook or other betting sites, we bring you a team preview of the SEC West Division Aggies of Texas A&M who in 2014 had their 1st season without Johnny Football and won their 1st 5 games of the season. Then in midseason at the heart of the schedule their defense struggled, and the Aggies lost 3 consecutive game, and with opponents who were in the ranking, and topped by an scalping by the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

However, they ended their season on a high note as the beat West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl to end their season. The question for this upcoming season, is can the Aggies, with a new defensive coordinator in J. Javis, and a transition QB in K. Allen finish this season better than the 8-5 season in 2014?

The fans are hoping the offseason changes will bring success, as in 2014 they ranked 77th for scoring defense at 28.2 points allowed per game, and in total defense ranked 104th allowing some 451 yards on average per game by the opponents, thus a new defensive Coordinator. DC Chavis will transform hopefully leading the conference in defense once again. His roster for 2015 is not all bad with DE M. Garrett who last season made some 11.5 sacks on opponents, along with experienced LB O. Alaka, safety A. Watts and senior CB D. Harris; the Aggies defense mention along with Garrett provides the core of the new Aggie defense under Chavis.

The Aggie offense is ready for this season with QB Allen ready to take the starting role, which came in late last season, performed well with an sterling game in the Liberty Bowl as the Aggies beat W. Virginia 45-37 as QB Hill passed for 4 TD’s while passing for some 295 yards in the game. They also have plenty of receiver talent with sophomore S. Noil who had 5 TD’s and with 584 yards receiving, while junior J. Reynolds score 13 TD’s on 843 yards receiving.

Starting at QB will be K. Allen the most important player on the team, as is the case with most, but not all college football teams. He is not without competition, as they have freshman QB K. Murray awaiting his opportunity. But with the strong performance by QB Allen in the 2014 Liberty Bowl, its unlikely Allen will revert to a back-up QB. QB Allen is a pro type passer from the pocket, and that is what the talented receiving corps of the Aggies need, more so than a dual threat like QB Murray, so all the pressure at College Station and the Aggies will be with QB Allen in this 2015-16 seasons.

The prediction for the Aggies of Texas A&M for this season is that they will finish this upcoming 2015 season with 7 wins and 6 losses, while winning 4 and losing 4, while finishing 4th in the SEC West.

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