2009 Handicapping & College Football Betting

College football betting is best done by handicapping the games.

When approaching college football season, a preparation period of one month minimum is a smart idea for the serious gambler who looks at college football betting online.

College football betting should begin by examining the programs before the season actually begins.  Keep in mind that while some things change in college football betting online, other things stay the same. Getting at the root of that reason is of paramount importance for a college football betting gambler. Once you establish traditional winners and losers in college football betting you should next look for a sudden change in the norm for a team.  Just look at teams like Auburn and Arkansas in college football betting online. They used to be powerful programs in college football betting but that is no longer the case. You should then also analyze losing programs that began to win in college football betting such as Mississippi, Oregon State and others. Those are programs that merit close scrutiny, as sports betting history would indicate that they could slide back into the abyss easily.

Next it is important to get a grasp on the coach of each program as you look at college football betting. How long has he been there, what is his background, his philosophy, what are the expectations, what did he inherit, (if he is new), and can he recruit? Do his teams play disciplined football or make a lot of stupid mistakes.  This is a great place to start with college football betting and handicapping.

Next you should closely monitor the experience of each team as you consider college football betting at the sportsbook. Do they have a lot of quality veterans and upper classmen returning or were they decimated by graduation and rebuilding with freshmen and sophomores? This is a huge key to early season college football betting at the sportsbook. Also evaluate how the team finished in the previous season in sports betting. Did they finish strong with momentum heading into the new season or collapse down the stretch and leave with bad feelings?

After you check into such college football betting factors, put all of your answers together and group similar teams together such as favorites, sleepers, and teams that look down.  This is a great way to get ready for college football betting online at the sportsbook.

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