2019-20 College Basketball National Championship Futures

With New Coach Michigan’s Betting on College Basketball Future in Doubt

Above all former Michigan head basketball coach Jim Beilein leaves as a hero.  Beilein won and did so within the rules.  That makes him the exception in the cesspool that is college basketball.  In fact, many believe that Beilein departed for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers because of corruption.  The NCAA has been rendered helpless in regards to enforcement of so-called rules.  As a result, Beilein became increasingly frustrated.  On the whole his departure changes the Betting on college basketball dynamics for Michigan.  Juwan Howard arrives to take over his alma mater.  Which is a story in and of itself.

2019-20 College Basketball National Championship Futures

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Beilein Legacy

Now Jim Beilein departs Michigan as the greatest basketball coach in its history.  Twice he led the Wolverines to the Final Four. Both times they made the championship game.  Post season success became a Betting on college basketball expectation for the program.  Additionally, Beilein led Michigan to two regular season Big Ten championships.  UM won the Big Ten tournament twice in his reign.  Just as important to Michigan fans was that his program was clean.  Not a hint of corruption.  Which to some makes the hiring of Juwan Howard ironic.

Fab Five

Juwan Howard was a member of the famed “Fab Five” era of Michigan basketball.  Contrarily those years were not pristine and in compliance with NCAA rules.  Players such as Chris Webber were being paid thousands of dollars by boosters.  Although Howard was never implicated in the scandal he was still on the scene.  To be exact many fans will consider Howard guilty by association.  In recent years Michigan has begun to romanticize the Fab Five era.  All the while pontificating on how clean their program is.  Specifically charges of hypocrisy seem valid to many.

A Stark Contrast

In particular Beilein was known for recruiting “safe” players.  He had the reputation for choosing kids from suburban two parent homes.  It led to systems that brought online wagering success.  By contrast Howard was raised by his grandmother in Chicago.  He is likely to recruit riskier but more talented players.  It leads to speculation that a new Fab Five era beckons.  An era of more talented players that may not be from backgrounds that Beilein preferred.  Furthermore, Howard has never been a head coach.  He trained in the NBA as a trusted Miami assistant.

Howard’s Challenge

Summing up Howard inherits a program coming off three consecutive seasons of Sweet 16 or better runs.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” goes the old saying.  Yet Howard and Beilein are very different men.

Matchup to Watch

In this situation Michigan could be facing a tough transition period.  More emphatically the Wolverines could see a decline in Betting on college basketball value.  A transition of Beilein’s players, coaches and systems is a certainty.  Secondly recruiting priorities will change as well.  All of this will take place in a Big Ten Conference that is the toughest in college hoops.

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Summing up Michigan will likely take a step back for 2019-20.

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