2007-2008 Virginia Cavaliers NCAA Basketball Odds

NCAA basketball odds in 2007-2008 on the Virginia Cavaliers will be much lower with Sean Singletary back. Singletary pull out of the NBA draft and Cavalier fans that look at basketball odds are sure happy he did.

NCAA basketball odds in 2007-2008 will show the Cavaliers a decent threat to North Carolina and Duke. Experts at NCAA basketball odds know that Singletary is a super guard and he has some support with Mamadi Diane and Adrian Joseph. Most fans of basketball odds know that the Cavaliers will miss guard J.R. Reynolds and forward Jason Cain. Fans of NCAA basketball odds see that the Cavaliers get new recruits in Jeff Jones who can score, Mike Scot, Mustapha Farrakhan and Sam Zeglinski. It is likely that Scott will eventually be a starter while Jones may provide scoring off the bench and make an impact for fans of basketball odds. The projected starting lineup according to experts at NCAA basketball odds has Singletary and Will Harris at the guards, Diane and Joseph at the forwards and Tunji Soroye in the middle. The key man in that lineup is Singletary because as he goes so go the Cavaliers in 2007-2008.

NCAA basketball odds fans see that the Virginia Cavaliers have home and home games with Virginia Tech, Maryland, BC, Duke and Georgia Tech. The Cavs have Clemson, North Carolina and North Carolina State at home on the NCAA basketball odds board and travel to Florida State, Miami and Wake Forest in NCAA basketball odds action. Virginia won 11 games in the ACC last season for fans of basketball odds by playing defense and getting scoring from Singletary. They may be able to do the same thing again in 2007-2008 according to NCAA basketball odds experts.

The 2007-2008 Virginia Cavaliers will impact NCAA basketball odds. They will be excellent when Singletary is scoring and passing and when he gets help from players like Joseph and Diane. They will struggle against the NCAA basketball odds when Singletary has an off game. Virginia will be an interesting team to watch in the ACC this season. They may be able to put a scare into top teams like North Carolina and Duke. They will definitely make an impact in games on the NCAA basketball odds board when Singletary plays like an All-American.